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Richard is phenomenal. I have never got a massage that actually worked my problem areas to help me relieve stress and pains. Richard worked wonders and I felt better right after. I recommend Richard to everyone who wants to get a professional massage. He knows what he is doing!

          - Ruwanthi Weerakkody

Richard has ruined me for all other massage therapists. He's magical. I've actually had massage training and yet I am constantly amazed at his skill. He combines a wealth of knowledge in Chinese Medicine, Asian massage techniques, acupressure, trigger point therapy, myofacial release, and lomilomi to bring the average deep tissue massage up into the realm of the phenomenal. You will never receive a massage like this anywhere else. I know, it sounds impossible but this guy is so brilliant. I once went to him because I had a pain in my big toe that I couldn't massage out. He pressed several spots around my foot, testing who knows what, and then finally proclaimed that the issue wasn't with my toe at all but my ankle! He proceeded to work on my ankle for about a minute and bam! The pain was gone. Book a massage right now, it will change your life! 'Nuff said.

          - Amy Sumida         

I had the opportunity and honor to have Richard as my student for several years at the Institute of Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental medicine. While studying for his master's degree in Oriental medicine, he also earned his license as a massage therapist in addition to experiencing all of the struggles one goes through in a graduate program. I find Richard to be intelligent, humorous, self-effacing, and highly skilled. In addition - and this is important for a therapist - he is physically very strong. I highly recommend him.

          - Michael Zanoni, MSTCM,PhD, LAc

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